im at starbucks right now and some other person with a mac just put this word doc into my air drop???????????????? 


Did you say yes

my response:


tHEY JUST CALLED OUT A FRAPPUCINO FOR SWAG MONEY (thats the name of my computer on airdrop) IM GONNA CR Y


Romance in the 21st Tumblr century

“this didn’t happen in the books”



whenever i see tripp pants i remember when i was in my senior year of high school. there was this sophmore girl who would sit the table me and some of my friends sat at during lunch period. she dated a guy who graduated before us but we knew him because he wore these pants almost every day.

one day she came to the table very upset, and when we asked her what was wrong, she said she broke up with her boyfriend because he lied all the time. he had been telling lies throughout their entire relationship. you wanna know what the lies were? he lied to her saying he was adopted, and he was a half-vampire demigod. she was crying

she was crying because her boyfriend lied to her about being an adopted half-vampire demigod

she believed


"Boys dont like girls with short hair" ok but have you seen ouran highschool host club











Your honor, something is amiss here!

As you are probably aware, library materials are labeled with barcodes as well as a number to determine their location on the shelf, as per the Dewey Decimal System. The books just to the left of the manga are labeled, as are the DVDs just in view on the lower shelf. Look even further behind these shelves and you’ll see that even those books are labeled! 

Ladies and gentlemen of the courtroom, I invite you to take a closer look at the volumes that are, allegedly, part of this law library! Something is missing from the spines, isn’t there?


Where are the bar codes?!

This is a blatant contradiction! The OP is lying— these volumes cannot, therefore, be a part of this library at all! I propose that they simply brought these materials in for the sake of the joke!! 

Only focusing on one aspect and not the whole of the issue, are we, Mr. Wright? Typical.

Your honor, if you bring your attention to the books just left of the manga, you’ll notice there’s a book (the second to the left) that also does not have a bar code.

If you examine the picture even closer—particularly the DVDs below—you’ll see that they bear bar codes, but not on the spines. No, they have them on the back and/or front of the DVDs. Of course, this method of labeling and organizing isn’t limited to products of the film industry alone.

Therefore, I’d like to propose that it is entirely possible that the manga books do, in fact, belong to the library!


Wh-WHAAAAT?! You’re kidding!! 

(Shoot, he’s got me there… Better think of something fast! Something about the books that sets them apart from—

…! I’ve got it!)

While that may be true, you’ve also overlooked one critical error: the titles of the books! Whether or not your hypothesis regarding the labeling system is correct, these titles aren’t alphabetized correctly! What kind of self-respecting librarian would misplace such vital books? 

Well, Edgeworth?

While it pains me to have to point out something so obvious, I suppose I’ll make an exception for you, Wright.

Clearly, one look at the titles of the books next to the manga is a tell-all of this certain library’s less-than-stellar organization skills. None of the books are in alphabetical order, I’m afraid.

They could very well be alphabetized by author and not title, but it’s a little difficult to be able to decipher that from this single picture, wouldn’t you say?

Furthermore, the manga books themselves are in numerical order, suggesting some kind of system is in place, albeit not a very good one, if the alphabetizing is off.

At the end of the day, it seems like neither of us can draw a clear conclusion from this evidence alone. Your honor, I strongly suggest a recess in which we could investigate the library itself further.

I see the issue here very clearly.

Due to the uncertain nature of this case, we’ll have to postpone this decision until more decisive evidence can be obtained. The court will now take a 15-minute recess.


(W-wait, but I’m not—)



I’ve got some decisive evidence for you, pal!

We investigated further into the photo. Zooming in, you can see a label on the DVD case to the bottom left.

Photo Close-up added to the court record!

As you can see, pal, you can vaguely see the words “Of Toledo Law Library” on the label!

And, considering possibilities of the rest of that label, “University of Toledo" was the first to come to my mind!

A quick search on the University of Toledo’s Online Law Library Database revealed that there ARE the comics pictured in it!

Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations volumes 1-4 and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney volumes 1-5!

And there’s more! 

The section these comics are filed under is the “Law in Popular Culture" Section, which matches up with the titles on the rest of the books on that shelf: "Lowering the Bar: Lawyer Jokes & Legal Culture”, “Prime Time Law”, “Lawyers in Your Living Room!" and "Lex Populi”!

Not only is it in the right section, it’s also a documented part of the Law Library’s database!

How’s that for decisive evidence?



why is your dog zaboomafoo 

For the comment


tv shows and movies that make the hot girl secretly really smart make me so mad like they want everyone to be surprised. here’s a surprise. i’m delivering bees straight to your door 





that’s how you make armor for women, no bullshit boob cups.

Just beautiful.

AS A WOMEN WITH E TO F CUP BOOBS LET ME JUST SAY A THING. Yeah that woman might not need boob cups because she clearly has rather small/average size boobs. Anyone who has larger boobs is gonna need boob cups in their armour, ok. Not only would a boob cup offer more support in battle, which you know would be super nice as sport bras are a pain. BUT also you know if you didn’t have boob cups and you had larger breast DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW UNCOMFORTABLE AND BADLY FITTING THAT WOULD BE.

Yeah ok i get that just boob armour or armour with cut out boobs, or spikeS on boobs are dumb as fuck. But cut your shit saying boob cups on armour are dumb and oversexualising BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT, SOMETIMES THEY’RE JUST NECESSARY YOU KNOW. 


As someone with large breasts AND works with metal I can tell you that no matter how big your tits are the stupidest thing to have in your armor are boob cups?

Why? Because the first time someone gets a good hit on your chest it’s going to cave in like a bad souffle and not only will you break your ribs it’ll make breathing impossible and you will die. 

You want a breast plate to be one smooth continuous curve to the sides of your body because that way if you get hit with something it’s got enough strength that the opponents weapon is going to slide off and to the side. If it’s got curves in pointing to the middle of your chest, that’s where all the force of the blows are going to go. Crumpling your armor and breaking your sternum. 

Not to mention that you’re not JUST wearing a sports bra under there. Wearing armor (Especially plate armor) Requires a lot of padding and under clothes so if you’re wearing it properly you’re going to be at least 2-3 inches of soft padding before you get to you. AND you should probably bind those suckers down for the sake of keeping them firmly in place while you’re fighting. 

Armor boob cups are stupid no matter what size you are.


im so pro-selfie like there are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think theyre pretty

one of those problems is girls who dont think they’re pretty

"It was exciting and just a major, major compliment…I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen." - Lupita Nyong’o on being named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful



“I’m sorry. This is the first time I’ve hired a maid.”

The only woman on this movie whom I saw fit to raise a child, and she was the only one who couldn’t.